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Beautiful! Now I really have no excuse... I need to learn how to crochet!

Such beautiful work!

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm looking forward to stretching my next-to-nonexistant crochet skills and making one of these bad boys!

I will always "ooh" and "ahh"! LOL Crafters know how to fully appreciate the work of other crafters. :)

I think I am going to have to go to Michael's soon and get some new beads! I love how it looks and I'm glad you passed on how to make one!

I love teh colors, remindes me a cool night breeze!

That was cool. nice job on Tut. i might actually learn how to crochet now. Thanks for sharing!

wow! it looks great!!!

I'll need to hire you to come here to nanny my 3 wee ones so I can have time to make one! LOL!!!

Thanks, Devon! You make it seem so simple. :)

Cool! This is exactly the level of crochet that I can handle! ;-) Thanks for the great tutorial.


This is fabulous!! I'm gonna have to hit the craft store, cause this may be the solution to what to do with all these beads I have lying around! Thanks! (Katestamps on Ravelry)

Very cool! Thanks so much for posting this. I have some left over supplies from making stitch markers and this would be the perfect solution!

Awesome! I was wondering how you did those. :)

Thank you for the instructions! I knit and crochet, but my wife doesn't. She loves this kind of jewelry, though, and has asked me if I could make her some out of beads she chooses. I'm new to beading, but these instructions look quite easy -- especially when compared to k2tog and such!

I crochet but haven't tried jewelry yet. Think I'm gonna give this a try soon. Thanks for sharing!

Love this!

Very nice I love it... I crochet jewelry and find it difficult to figure out which glue to use to end off, I do a loop on one side of the necklace and a bead on the other, and I need the ends glued to keep them from fraying and coming undone, I have used so many and can't seem to find the perfect one to last. Crazy glue is too hard to finish off with, rubber type glues can peel off easy, e600 seems to dry whiteish and come apart hypo cement seems ok but the tube dries up so quickly.. any ideas so that the glue is comfortable to where not hard on the ends.. thanks

I cant wait to try this I have been making jewlry since the dos told me I need to work on my manual dexxterity or I would never be on the computer again

I am so excited..there is a header re near by and I have wanted to do something cool.. Well, this is it!! Have been a faithful follower and have learned so much...often when depressed, I have been lifted up with your emails.. Thanks!

Should have spell checked. I wrote bead store...not header...and I am truly going to make necklaces..thanks

A lovely idea and soooo easy! Thanks for sharing and warm greetings from South Africa. Sue

Your necklace look so trend, i loved the color,great for use for summer time.But look better in my jewery collection.Thank you for your share your tutorial.

Just found this tut and it is just wonderful. Thanks for taking time to put it together and share it with us.

Great job. I have made these necklaces before but this tutorial gave me a lot of ideas. Thanks for posting.

I can't wait to try this. I've been wanting to branch out into crocheted jewelry. This is a perfect way to start. Thanks.

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