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Ooooo! I've never tried knitting or crocheting with wire for jewelry...I just may have to give it a go! They look great!

If your earrings make your ears go crazy, you may have a metal allergy.

There are a couple three ways around that...
1 - nylon or acrylic plastic fish hooks ::not metal, so won't aggravate a metal allergy::

2 - use hooks made from non-allergenic metal like niobium(best), titanium(also very good) ::don't cause allergic reactions::

3 - a layer of clear nail polish or two. ::the allergic reaction results from metal ions (often nickel from an alloy) migrating from the jewelry to your skin by way of sweat. Nail polish traps the migrating ions before they get to your skin. If a nail polish coating works for you, I recommend removing and reapplying the nail polish every six weeks or so. Also examine the earrings in a good light when you take them off. If the coating shows gaps or wear, clean and reapply.::

If you have a pair of earrings you love, but they make you itch or hurt, you may try this procedure: first clean the surface of the ear wires with alcohol. Let the wires dry. Coat the wire with a thin layer of clear nail polish. Let the wires dry again, thoroughly, like overnight, and give them a second thin coat. Let dry again, and try the earrings.

Hi! I was wondering, would it be okay to make jewelry out of your tutorial and sell it? Just curious, the things you make are beautiful! ♥♥♥


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