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You know im going to be checking your blog every day now right!.

Also, i personally trust/like anyone who gives themselves a name starting with 'the'. I mean seriously how big of an ego do you need. lol.

That was supposed to be 'don't' trust. It's early here.

You are right, I am an idiot. I'm not sure whether you edited the post, or whether in my 'just out of bed' haze I missed it. But it definately did not have an 'S' It was 'the Kaiser'. You know kind of like 'the Edge' from U2.

Which was not acceptable.

Love you.

No, I definitely didn't change it :) as evidenced by the fact that I referenced BOTH OF THEM in the parenthetical citation afterward :)

But it's ok, I kind of like your "Ready Fire Aim!" attitude!

I still love ya ;)

Meanwhile, The Edge is his name? Weird.

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  • Fabric, ribbons, sewing notions - I'm on a project bag kick!
  • Organic milk chocolate - yum!
  • Laceweight yarn for shawls
  • Beads - especially good ones for stitch markers!
  • Non-wool yummy yarns like silk blends
  • Any of the patterns in my queue tagged with *buy*
  • Through the Loops! patterns
  • Indie dyer sock yarn - solids and semisolids especially!
  • Anything from my Rav queue tagged *wishlist*