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Sounds like you'd be great on twitter! I am on twitter... but I still don't get it. I am pondering leaving again but I can't completely decide, mainly because my brother's on it...

Oh thank you so much for your comment on Twitter!
What a waste of time this is. No worthwhile content whatsoever.

Oh I so disagree! I'm enthralled with twitter. I've put some time in networking and created a few key groups. One for healers, one for web development and design, one for doulas and midwives and one for righteous mamas. Anytime I need any kind of information it's there! Great networking tool!

I'd love to tweet with you dear :-)

I disagree too. Twitter can be a time drain if you're not careful but it's been SUCH an awesome one-stop resource for anything I'm looking for - I've found help with web design, recipes, gardening tips, and made some great connections with awesome people. It took me awhile to really "get it" or get anything out of it but now I love it. :)


Oh I know, I'm sure it would be great!! I am just scared to death of how much time I'd spend doing it!

Though it has stolen my dear Hillary, so I may have to go over there to see her :)

bwa-ha-ha-ha! Twitter does have it's grip on me....step towards the light ;-P

No, but seriously I miss you and have been cracking up reading your posts. I want to know more about the photography course your taking.

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