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What a big subject... my wander lust has just started to reawaken lately. At the same time, I mostly long for places I've already been... Paris, hiking in the alps, certain parts of India, more time in Sarajevo. What I'd love the most is to go hiking in forested mountains somewhere, or many somewheres.

Funny to have to go back and forth between our blogs like this, isn't it?

India is tough to travel to/in, but sometimes that's part of the appeal, it's like an initiation, you know? I used to find that really satisfying--now I've gotten soft ;) Overall it really depends where you go, though. They say the South is much easier and people are really, really sweet there. I love being in Varanasi/Banaras (which is where I met my husband), it's so beautiful with this old city by the river and a more rural, laid back attitude, and so many religious shrines and events, and lots of foreigners living there semi-long term... Also the Himalayas are just so wonderful and relatively easier. Nepal was also really lovely and is a bit more, well, orderly. (Except for the riots!) I find Delhi quite overwhelming, Rajasthan (including Jaipur) is really beautiful but it's a tough desert culture, Calcutta is quite intense but culturally very fun... that's pretty much everywhere I've been!

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